Praise God for the Awakening West Launch Dinner

Praise God for the Awakening West Launch Dinner last night! It was great to see so many people interested – about 230 I believe. Thank you all for coming – it’s a great encouragement.

The food was wonderful. Thank you Milo and Anna and all your folk for serving us so well. It must have been hard working in the kitchen all night with the smoke, but they did very well. The kids in the band sounded great, too.

The talks by Poul Bottern of Awakening, Rob Isaachsen of Melbourne Pastors Network, and our own Awakening West peopleStephen, Mark, Milo, Michael, Danika, Ben – were inspiring and challenging. Let’s keep that ball rolling! Ben’s video slides were great. The amount of info he has on Church West is amazing.

But best of all, people were obviously happy, eating, chatting, catching up. The place was just humming. Ask any of the speakers – the noise level was so high.

Remember folks – it was a LAUNCH. We now need to sail somewhere, and we do have somewhere to go, and a Great Captain of the ship. I’m excited – are you? Get into the forum and tell us what your dream is!

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