Promoting the vision in the West

Seems like things are happening in the North West and we need to do some promoting of the vision and somehow get support for a unified west with a concept of thinking “Regionally” but ministering “Locally”. I am not adverse to distinguishing the South-West and North-West and also understanding that there is a North. I feel the boundaries between these are complex enough already and we need to accept the municipal areas as our main defining zones of spiritual influence. Transforming Melbourne has also adopted this concept. It’s interesting to hear Melton considering themselves outer and Flemington inner and so we have eventually every distinction!

I am excited that things are happening somewhere in the “West”. We can share our dreams widely but must see them fulfilled in our street and neighbourhood. If we don’t touch our neighbour then who will. I like Helen’s vision (see Helen of Troy in the Forum) of meeting many Christians in the West in on-line chat. You never know these days how your neighbour will come to the Lord. Maybe someone on the other side of the planet will lead them to know Him. We live in an amazing world of opportunity. Now is the day of salvation more than any other and now is the time to proclaim in cyberspace that Jesus is Lord.

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