The Old West – a page for the more mature saint

I’ve just put up the Old West page – a page for the more mature saint. It was interesting trying to decide where I fitted in as I wrote. My body says I’m getting old, but inside I still think I am about 18. Some probably think I behave that way too! I wondered whether I could legitimately write for those who are getting older, but then I had a revelation – many of them probably think they are still 18 on the inside too!

I felt better about it then.

Sadly, however, many older people do think of themselves as old. Michel Quist wrote a lovely poem about God only liking young people – but this included the stooped and wrinkled young people. I must find it and put it on the site.

It’s good to see the first entries to our colouring contest appearing – keep them coming kids. Perhaps some of the wrinklies might like to put in an entry, but please be truthful about your age!

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